storage area is fully fenced and covers over 2 hectares of ground with a 24 hour video surveillance system. In addition to the parking spot, you will find all the shipbuilding services: Polishing, antifouling, repair and maintenance of the inside engine and outboard



You can choose between outdoor, indoor boat storage or one of our roofing systems with heat-shrinking sheets, which offer an excellent protection from the weather.

Boat storage on Elba Island


The boats are arranged outdoors and covered by a three-layer green tarpaulin lasting three years. The parking is fully fenced and equipped with 24 hour video surveillance. Before each delivery, the accessories are washed and checked and the motors are subject to scheduled maintenance.


Indoor The boats are parked in single multiseater tunnels or large structures and are protect from sunlight and bad weather (rain, hail, snow and wind). They also allow air recirculation which maintains excellent insulation in both summer and winter.

Boat storage on Elba Island

Boat storage on Elba Island

Boat storage on Elba Island - outdoor storage

Storage Lacona Nord

Via dei Vigneti 906
Loc. Lacona
57031 Capoliveri (LI)
Tel: +39 0565 964237

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